AirTalk How to Use

How to use the AirTalk after downloading, it describes the various functions on this page.

Later iPhone4s, later iPod Touch (5th generation), later iPad (3rd generation), iPad mini iOS 7 or higher.

To upgrade or new installation of AirTalk app please operate in the above environment.

In addition, those who are using remains of the old version of iOS, we recommend you version up to the latest version.

To continue running the GPS in the background will violently consume the battery.

Edit Profile click to enlarge
■What can be done with [Profile]

First, set your profile.

Tap the AirTalk icon in the middle to change your photo.

Please enter self-introduction and name (nickname).

*It will be proceed even Self-introduction is blank, but name must be set.

*Self-introduction or name can be changed later.

Photozou users can link ID too.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Please select from the set menu.

Posts click to enlarge
■What can be done with [Post]
  • Check the posts from nearby users.
  • Check profiles of users.
  • Confirm the posts from map on upper left of the screen.
  • Set the rang of posts on upper right of the screen.
  • Put a new post by [new posts] from bottom right of the screen.
  • Give( Likes , comments ) to posts.
Users click to enlarge
■What can be done with [User]
  • Conform nearby friends from group.
  • Conform friends.
  • Conform my favorite.
  • Search users from the 「+」button on upper right of the screen.
Add friends click to enlarge
■What you can do with [Add friends]
  • Add friends from nearby users.
  • Add from friends requests.
  • Add from passing.
  • Add from Facebook friends(*1)

(*1)Facebook of federated authentication is required.

Pass by click to enlarge
■What can be done with Pass by
  • Record passing users.
  • From the upper right settings, you can set the "passing range" in the range of 100m - 3km.
Chat click to enlarge
■What can be done with [Chat]
  • Chat with nearby users.
  • Select users by upper right 「+」to send new chat messages.
  • One transmission maxto 100 characters.
Settings click to enlarge
■What can be done with [Settings].
  • [Profile]
  • [Language]
  • [Notification ]
  • [Block list management]
  • [Favorites user management]
  • [Posts management]
  • [Distance unit]
  • [Social network service cooperation]
  • [Model change]
Profile click to enlarge

1. [Profile] You can change the initial settings of your profile.

  • User avatar photo(Please select an image by tapping the AirTalk icon)
  • Name
  • Self-introduction

The more information the easier to be retrieved.

Notification click to enlarge

3. [Notification]…You can set the items of notification you want to receive.

  • Entered the post range
  • Comment on your posts
  • New comments on your commented posts
  • Start with a new chat
■Pass by
  • Pass by other users
  • Receive friend requests
  • Friend request has been approved
Model change click to enlarge

9. Model change…AirTalk data can be easily migrated when you change the model of mobile phones.

  • "Issue a model change code" in your current terminal
  • Memo the code
  • Install AirTalk to the new terminal
  • Enter the "model change code" after running App